Collection Title: Augusto Boal collection
Title: Legislative Theatre
Date: 199-?
Location: Recorded at London, England in 199-?.
Work Type: Performance., Political theatre., Legislative theatre., Theater of the Oppressed.
Participants: Lisa Jardim, Tarik Ali, Paul Hallan, Mark Stephens, Lisa Hirst, Moira Gart, Julian Boal, Adrien Jackson, Ally Campbell.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:57:50
Language: In English.
Synopsis: This performance begins with Boal retelling how, when he was elected to office in Rio de Janeiro, he began the Legislative Theater to organize groups of people to help them to fight oppression through theater. Having marginalized people participate in the theater and express their problems, Boal brought attention to these issues through his political position and projects of law. The efforts of the Theater of the Oppressed to make substantial political change and extend the potential of democracy, led to the passing of 13 laws in Rio. In this performance, Boal recreates the years of the Legislative Theater by breaking the participants into groups and giving them a socio-political issue to improvise and act on, such as minimum wage. As the 5 plays happen simultaneously, Boal offers 'We present the problem, but the solution comes from you,' to re-enforce that the political power comes from the people as they express their frustrations, create and propose legislation.Augusto Boal was an innovative and influential Brazilian theatrical director, writer, pedagogue and politician. He is considered to be on of the most important creators of political theater since Brecht. Boal is the author of Theater of the Oppressed, Games for Actors and Non-Actors, Rainbow of Desire, Legislative Theater, among others. He was a Member of Parliament for Rio de Janeiro from 1993-1996. Boal is the founder of Theater of the Oppressed, a political theatrical form originally used in radical popular education movements, growing up alongside Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed. Theater of the Oppressed is a system of games and special techniques that aims at developing, in the oppressed citizens, the language of the theater, in order to help them fight against their oppressions and to transform the society that engenders those oppressions. The word Oppressed is used in the sense of s/he who has lost the right to express his/her wills and needs, and is reduced to the condition of obedient listener of a monologue. It must be used as an instrument of concrete social transformation, a tool of fighting against all forms class oppression, racism, sexism, and all kinds of discrimination.
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