Collection Title: Festival Iberamericano de Teatro 2000 : Bogotá, Colombia), Astrid Hadad collection
Title: La bien pagada
Date: 2000 April 18
Location: Performed at the Community Center of La Victoria on April 18, 2000, as the "4a función" of the the VII Festival de Teatro de Bogotá, Colombia.
Work Type: Performance., Theater., Cabaret., Heavy Nopal.
Astrid Hadad, protagonist ; Los Tarzanes, musicians.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:39:24
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: This video documentation of Astrid Hadad’s performance ‘La bien pagada,’ performed at the Community Center of La Victoria, as part of the VII Theater Festival of Bogota in 2000, offers an initial footage of the audience before entering to see the show, to grasp an idea of the importance and magnitude of this event. A mobile camera allows a perspective similar to the attendants to the show, where Hadad’s voice and presence are at the heart of the stage. In this performance, Hadad critiques the violence against women, and speaks about the similarities between Mexico and Colombia, advocating for a broader, Latin American understanding of female sexuality.Astrid Hadad is a vocalist and performance artist from Mexico. Her work as a solo performance artist took off in 1995 with her show ‘Heavy Nopal.’ The term ‘heavy nopal’ refers to the Mexican cactus distilled to make tequila and is how Hadad describes her style of performance. Her shows follow the format of a cabaret, in which Hadad dazzles her audience with stunning vocals and elaborated costumes. She appropriates iconic images in Mexican culture, straps them to her body, and walks onstage to reconfigure their meanings. Through her voice and her body, Hadad challenges to her audience to adopt her system of cultural processing. Most of her work challenges cultural norms pertaining to gender roles in Mexican society. She also addresses issues of US neo imperialism. Hadad writes, produces, and promotes her own work.
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