Collection Title: Hemispheric Institute Encuentro:Staging citizenship : cultural rights in the Americas(7th : 2009 : Bogotá, Colombia). , Hemispheric Institute archive
Title: El último ensayo The final rehearsal
Alternate Title: Final rehearsal
Date: 2009 Aug. 21
Location: Recorded at the Auditorio León de Greiff, Bogotá, Colombia, on August 21, 2009, as part of the 7th Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics.
Work Type: Performance., Collective creation., Theater.
Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, producer ; Gray Wetzler, videographer.
Ana Correa, Amiel Cayo, Augusto Casafranca, Débora Correa, Julián Vargas, Rebeca Ralli, Teresa Ralli, performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:49:40
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: 'The Final Rehearsal' by Peru’s Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani, was presented as a part of the 7th Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, held in August of 2009 in Bogotá, Colombia, under the title 'Staging Citizenship: Cultural Rights in the Americas.' This 10-day event brought together activism, scholarship, and art around the themes of legacies, memories, struggles, and frontiers of citizenship. Set in an old theater, which was also once a cinema hall, a group of artists crafted a homage to a legendary diva whose life story parallels the history of twentieth-century Peru. Since 1971, Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani has been working at the forefront of theatrical experimentation, political performance, and collective creation. 'Yuyachkani' is a Quechua word that means 'I am thinking, I am remembering.' Under this name, the theater group has devoted itself to the collective exploration of embodied social memory, particularly in relation to questions of ethnicity, violence, and memory in Peru.
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