Collection Title: Hemispheric Institute Encuentro:CITIES | BODIES | ACTION : The politics of passion in the Americas(8th : 2013 : São Paulo, Brazil).
Title: Voodoo doll, or What if Haiti were a woman : On ti Travay sou 21 Pwen or An Alter(ed)native in Something Other than Fiction
Alternate Title: What if Haiti were a woman : on ti travay sou 21 pwen, or An alter(ed)native in something other than fiction
Alternate Title: Gina Ulysse at Encuentro Trasnocheo
Date: 2013 Jan. 14, 17
Location: Performed at the SP Escola de Teatro, São Paulo, Brazil, on January 14 and 17, 2013.
Work Type: Performance, Performance poetry
Victor Bautista, video editor.
Gina Ulysse, performer.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:05
Language: In English.
Synopsis: 'Voodoo Doll' or 'What If Haiti Were a Woman: On ti Travay sou 21 Pwen or An Alter(ed)native in Something Other than Fiction,' by Gina Ulysse, was presented as a part of the 8th International Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics. This Encuentro was held in January of 2013 - the year of Hemi’s 15th anniversary - in São Paulo, Brazil, under the title CITIES | BODIES | ACTION: The Politics of Passion in the Americas. This event brought together activism, scholarship, and art towards the exploration of urban sites as areas of coexistence, conflict, and collaboration. From the critical poetics of body art to the occupation of public space by social movements, the event invited participants to explore the borders, identities and practices through which subjectivities, hegemonies and counter-hegemonies are constructed in the spaces of the city and beyond. The vast array of performances, exhibits, roundtables, workshops, lectures and work groups of this Encuentro were particularly interested in the ways in which bodies both interpellate and are interpellated, mobilize and are mobilized, by and around the diverse and complex ‘passions’ that are so defining of our globalized and mediatized present - fear, hatred, disenchantment, hope and faith, among others.An avant-garde meditation on coercion and consent inspired by Gédé - the Haitian Vodou spirit of life and death - that weaves moments in Haiti’s geopolitical history with responses to Gina Ulysse's retelling of that history.Gina Ulysse was trained as a cultural anthropologist, and she is also a poet/performer and multi-media artist. She deploys spoken word to both explore and push the blurred border zones between ethnography and performance. Ulysse weaves history, statistics, personal narrative, theory, with Vodou chants to address issues of social (in)justice, intersectional identities, spirituality and the dehumanization of Haitians and other marked bodies.
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