Collection Title: Cenzontles collection
Title: Embracing the velocity of change
Alternate Title: GIA conference
Date: 2011 Oct. 12
Location: Recorded October 12, 2011, at the Grantmakers in the Arts Conference, "Embracing the Velocity of Change", Fairmont, San Francisco, California,
Linda Ronstadt, David Hidalgo, Eugene Rodriguez and Los Cenzontles, presenters.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:18:03
Language: Includes English and Spanish.
Synopsis: On October 12, 2011 Linda Ronstadt, David Hidalgo of Los Lobos, and Eugene Rodriguez and Los Cenzontles presented the closing keynote address at the Grantmakers in the Arts Conference in San Francisco. In the keynote Eugene Rodríguez reflected upon the context that gave rise to the creation of Los Cenzontles and the importance of art education to explore, to preserve, and to generate cultural practices.Los Cenzontles is a band, a nonprofit organization, a music academy, a community space for youth and families, and a hub for Latino artists. Since 1989 Los Cenzontles has produced original music, videos, and educational tools, playing a central role in the Mexican roots revival in the United States. Throughout more than 25 years of constant work, Los Cenzontles has shared its founder Eugene Rodriguez’ vision: that young people empowered as artists and teachers can build upon the past to create a better future. Los Cenzontles remains unique among nonprofits nationally in demonstrating the potential of Latino cultural programming and production to transform individuals and communities from within. Over the years, the academy has served immigrant children, third-generation Mexican Americans as well as children who are mixed and from various ethnic backgrounds. The band has recorded songs that capture the poetry of the indigenous Purépecha language and composed music aimed to inspire and rally the community toward empowerment and engagement and against contemporary injustices. Los Cenzontles has broadcast its journey via its documentary series, web-based video shorts, and ‘digital scrapbooks’ aimed at capturing the first person stories of resilience by Mexican American music- and culture-makers. These media productions combine music videos and interviews to highlight themes of inclusion, education, and social justice.
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