Collection Title: Augusto Boal collection
Title: Coup de poing sur la pointe du couteau
Alternate Title: Murro em ponta de faca
Date: 1979 Nov. 16
Location: Recorded at Théâtre de la Tempête, Paris, France.
Work Type: Popular theater., Theater of the Oppressed.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 02:01:17
Language: In French.
Synopsis: The play ‘Murro em ponta de faca’ was written by Boal in 1971, during his exile. It is a story of the military dictatorship in Brazil and in Latin America. The story shows a group of exiled Brazilians that go through the social and individual experience of living, against their will, in a different homeland - in this case Chile, Argentina, and France. The group is formed by three couples of different social classes and ideologies (intellectuals, workers, and bourgeois) who are forced to live in the same space and face their differences and lack of freedom. The play deals with broad issues of exile, resulting in exclusion, denial, control, and intolerance, but also the fight for affirmation and resistance.Augusto Boal was a theatre director, scholar, teacher; political representative and statesman in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; international speaker and the creator of the Theatre of the Oppressed. Born in 1931 in Rio de Janeiro, Augusto Boal was formally trained in chemical engineering and attended Columbia University in the late 1940s and early 1950s. In 1962 he was invited to work with Arena Theatre in Sao Paulo, Brazil where he stayed until 1971 when he was arrested, tortured, and exiled. His years directing and writing plays for Arena Theatre helped him to start slowly developing his own methodology, which continued in Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Portugal, and Paris, following his exile from Brazil. That methodology would later culminate in the Theatre of the Oppressed.The Theatre of the Oppressed is a participatory theatre that fosters democratic and cooperative forms of interaction among participants. It is a ‘rehearsal theatre’ practiced by ‘spect-actors’ (not spectators) who have the opportunity to both act and observe empowering processes of dialogue and critical thinking. In the Theatre of the Oppressed, the theatrical act is experienced as a conscious intervention, as a rehearsal for social action rooted in a collective analysis of shared problems. The methodology can be divided into several techniques used by Augusto Boal: Image Theatre, Newspaper Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Forum Theatre, Rainbow of Desire, and Legislative Theatre.
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