Collection Title: New WORLD Theater collection
Title: Project 2050 time capsule
Alternate Title: Time capsule
Date: 2000
Location: Performed at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, Massachusetts, in 2000.
Work Type: Performance., Theater., Spoken word., Music.
Josh Arond, Tiffany Campbell, Cristina Delgado, Damaris Delgado, MJ Donoghue, Jamille Hazard, Aisha Jordan, Andre McPherson, Nuk Thann, Mikiko Thelwell, performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:05:37
Language: In English.
Synopsis: From 1979-2009, the New WORLD Theater worked at the intersection of artistic practice, community engagement, scholarship, and activism toward a vision of a 'new world' - one that broke the confines of multiculturalism and was an artistic harbinger of America's shifting demographics. From a geographic 'outpost' in New England, New WORLD Theater evolved from a community organizing project and the Northeast point on a theater touring compass, to a protective studio to hone new work, a site of international intersections from South Africa to the South Bronx, and the home of inspired and rigorous collaborations with Western Massachusetts youth. New performance work development at New WORLD defied the conventional theater play lab as ghetto for artists of color; artists were met where they wanted to be in the imagining of new approaches, methods, and production. One of New WORLD Theater’s artistic legacies is Project 2050, a multi-year youth arts initiative built on the demographic projection that people of color would become the majority in the United States by 2050. The program brought together professional artists, youth communities from Massachusetts, scholars, and community activists to engage civic dialogue and create original performances based on themes that addressed young performers' dreams and concerns. Performances were created from workshops that included playwriting, poetry, breakdancing, drumming, beatboxing, lyricism, singing, songwriting, stepping, and visual art.In 'Time Capsule,' youth performers explore social-political issues that directly affect their lives. Difference in opportunities based on class, spread violence, the AIDS pandemic, racism, amongst other social and political issues, are embodied on stage and transmitted as concrete realities. The performers intertwine these issues to their own lives through narrative, gesture and song, building little pieces of a social fabric – and addressing a society where they are looking for their own place. From this very personal point of view, they critically evaluate how the world is in the present, and what they expect, fear, and hope for the future.
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