Collection Title: Hip Hop Theater Festival
Title: Till the break of dawn
Alternate Title: Til the break of dawn
Date: 2007 Sep. 13
Location: Performed at 466 Grand Street, New York City, on September 13, 2007.
Work Type: Hip-Hop theater, Theater
Bambadjan Bamba, Dominic Colon, Matthew-Lee Erlbach, Flaco Navaja, pattydukes, Gwendolen Hardwick, Jimmie James, Jaymes Jorsling, Maribel Lizardo, Johnny Sánchez, and Luis Vega, performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 02:26:21
Language: In English.
Synopsis: A tale of teachers, artists, and activists, Danny Hoch’s Till the Break of Dawn takes place in the Havana of 2001. Chronicling the meetings and mishaps that happen at a Cuban hip-hop festival, the New Yorkers are confronted by numerous struggling Cubans, an exiled Black Panther, and youth from the global hip-hop scene. It is in this changing landscape where they must confront their changing ideas and commitments to activism, and to each other. Culminating with the events of September 11th, Till the Break of Dawn is a critical look at the cultures of American imperialism, idealism, and hip-hop that affects each of the characters.This work is written and directed by acclaimed actor, poet, and playwright Danny Hoch. A two-time DEF poet, a Senior Fellow at the New School’s Vera List Center for Arts & Politics among numerous other awards and accolades, Hoch is the founder of the Hip Hop Theater Festival.Hip-Hop Theater Festival is dedicated to presenting and showcasing theater written by and about the Hip-Hop generation. Since 2004, its creators have worked with emerging and established artists to develop work that broadens conversations around Hip-Hop on a global scale. Dedicated to inciting dialogue and social change, HHTF recognizes the power of Hip-Hop and the power of theater as a medium. For a culture whose impact can be seen and felt around the globe, Hip-Hop Theater Festival works to shine light on the diversity and innovation within the world of Hip-Hop.
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