Collection Title: UNIVERSES Collection
Title: Ameriville dress rehearsal
Date: 2011 Jan. 4
Location: Recorded at The Public Theater, NYC, as part of the Under the Radar Festival on Jan. 4, 2011.
Work Type: Performance.
Morgan Jenness, dramaturg ; Brian Sidney Bembridge, set designer ; Russell Champa, lighting designer ; Benjamin Marcum, sound designer ; Universes, costume designer.
Steven Sapp, Mildred Ruiz, Gamal Chasten, and Ninja (William Ruiz), performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:33:28
Language: In English and Spanish.
Synopsis: Universes is a New York-based poetic theatre ensemble company of multi-disciplinary writers and performers who fuse poetry, theater, jazz, hip-hop, politics, down home blues, and Hispanic boleros to create moving, challenging and entertaining theatrical works. The group breaks traditional theatrical bounds to explore new ways of making theater. Founded in New York in 1996, the members of Universes came together in the urban poetry scene of the late 1990s. Through sessions at the New York Theatre Workshop and residencies with New WORLD Theater, their work is now internationally acclaimed. They have performed at venues throughout the United States and toured extensively world-wide.In this performance’s dress rehearsal, Universes sings the sorrows of poverty surrounding the American landscape with a focus on New Orleans and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Song and movement are accompanied by vivid images and video projected on screen, commenting on issues of gentrification, natural disaster, class warfare, racial discrimination, and economic oppression. The piece also critiques the lack of healthcare coverage, religious hierarchy, and the wealthy in the States. Universes activates our political imagination, considering the possibility of artists, poets, and activists taking the places of government officials, where the common everyday person can work as an individual and as a part of a community.
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