Collection Title: Teatros de Colombia, 1999 collection
Title: Interview with Helios Fernández
Alternate Title: Helios Fernández
Date: 1999 Aug. 24
Location: Interview held at home of Helios Fernández, Bogota, Colombia, on Aug. 24, 1999.
Work Type: Interview.
Alma Martinez, producer, creator, videographer.
Helios Fernández, interviewee ; Alma Martinez, interviewer.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:25:24
Language: In Spanish, with introductory remarks in English.
Synopsis: Interview with renowned Spanish-born Colombian actor Helios Fernández, conducted by Chicano theater scholar Alma Martinez. In this interview, Fernández talks about his experiences as an actor for theater and TV. A former member of Colombian theater ensemble Teatro Experimental de Cali (TEC) for 25 years, Helios discusses the trajectory of the group, the evolution of its dramaturgy, the development of the technique of 'creación colectiva' (collective creation), and the role of TEC's director Enrique Buenaventura in the realm of Latin American theater theory and practice. Among the many influences that have shaped the artistic endeavors of TEC, Fernández points to the importance of Brechtian theories, as well as the strong cross-pollination between their work and that of Chicano theater, primordially the works by Luis Valdez and El Teatro Campesino. The actor then poses an assessment on the scope and limits of political theater, and contrasts it historically, thematically, and administratively to commercial theater in Colombia. In addition to discussing his experiences as an actor in theater, Helios shares his thoughts on Colombian television and its particular acting conditions and techniques.
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