Collection Title: Susana Cook collection
Title: The fury of the Gods
Date: 2008 Oct
Location: Performed at the The Charm City Kitty Club in Baltimore, Maryland, in October 2008.
Work Type: Performance., Spoken word., Religious parody/satire.
Susana Cook, performer.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:27:18
Language: In English. English
Synopsis: ‘The Fury of the Gods’ is an exercise in Pop Blasphemy, and an ecclesiastical experiment in Heathenism. It is a sharp biting satire that skewers the sacred and eviscerated evangelical fundamentalism suggesting that it may be the principal obstacle that stands in the way to intercultural understanding, creating a rhetoric of the state in order to justify segregation and oppression. Written and performed by Susana Cook, ‘The Fury of the Gods’ is a series of ecclesiastical interventions that mocks capitalist individualism with a humoristic self-criticism, playing with the idea that evangelical fundamentalism might have mistaken where ‘heaven’ can be found. Susana Cook uses religious oratory to highlight conservative interpretations of homosexuality and exaggerate them, taking them to their logical extremes. As conservative narrative appropriates religion to fulfill an agenda, Cook's work appropriates religious and political language as a means to unveil the ways that fundamentalist belief have come to influence public policy and unmask the real substance and immorality of these national messages.Susana Cook is a New York based Argentine playwright, performer, and director. She has presented her work as an independent artist for over 20 years. Her work has been presented in numerous performance spaces in New York City, including Dixon Place, PS. 122, W.O.W Cafe Theater, Ubu Rep, Theater for the New City, The Puffin Room and The Kitchen. She has also performed internationally in Spain, France, India, Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Canada and at several colleges and universities around the country. Some of her latest shows are include ‘Homeland Insecurities, ‘The Idiot King,’ ‘The Values Horror Show,’ ‘100 Years of Attitude,’ ‘Dykenstein,’ ‘Hamletango,’ ‘Prince of Butches,’ ‘Gross National Product,’ ‘Hot Tamale,’ ‘Conga Guerrilla Forest,’ ‘The Fraud,’ ‘Butch Fashion Show in the Femme Auto Body Shop,’ ‘Rats and Tango Lesbiango,’ and most recently, ‘The Homophobes.’ She is the recipient of several fellowships and awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts, Arts International, Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, The Franklin Furnace Archives, The Puffin Foundation and INTAR.
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