Collection Title: NEPAA-Núcleo de Estudos das Performances Afro-Ameríndias/Zeca Ligiéro collection
Title: Samba no Pé
Date: 1993
Location: Performed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1993; Screened in the Festival de Cinema Negro, Rio de Janeiro, 2009.
Work Type: Documentary
Elton Medeiros, (original concept) ; Leonardo Bremer, editor.
Elton Medeiros, Lygia dos Santos, Jair do Cavaquinho, tap dancers ; Luís Felipe de Lima, Jaime Vignole, Sodré, musicians ; Grupo Folclórico da UFRJ, dancers ; D'Ávila.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:21
Language: In Portuguese.
Synopsis: This documentary shows a unique style of tap dancing, influenced by slave house traditions, European immigration, and African dances - such as the jongo - that were incorporated into Brazilian culture. This very urban carioca tap dancing is the synthesis of Brazilian tap dancing: the slyness of finding the rhythm and creating sound with the feet.Zeca Ligiéro is currently Associate Professor at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro State and the curator of Augusto Boal Archive. He coordinates since 1998 the Center for the Study of Afro-Amerindian Performances-NEPAA, which is dedicated to promoting research, dissemination, and exchange with various cultures of African, Indigenous, and other non-hegemonic origin, and to studying their inter-relations within Brazil.
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Contact: Zeca Ligiéro
Zeca Ligiéro
Rua do Oriente 103
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