Collection Title: Teatro Jornalero collection
Title: Bailando con la Migra
Alternate Title: Dancing with Homeland Security
Date: 2009 Mar
Location: Performed at the Cornerstone Theater Company in Los Angeles, Calif., USA, in January 2009.
Work Type: Performance., Theater., Community theater.
Salvador Paredes, Juan Herrera, Luis Sanchez, Omar Hernandez, Sandra Borja, Lorena Moran, Gil Maldonado, performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:13:32
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: ‘Bailando con La Migra’ (Dancing with Homeland Security) is a tragicomic, educative, and reflexive play about immigrants, whose luck can change from one minute to the next when searching for work, waiting for the bus, or taking their kids to school. Their lives are marked by the threat of being arrested by Homeland Security, the laws that poorly defend the immigrants, and the lack of proper knowledge of how to act in front of an official. An actor who plays the Forum Theater's Joker figure is introduced to interact with the audience as the play unfolds. At the end, there is hope that all undocumented immigrants and the agents of Homeland Security will come together and celebrate a better, united world. This educative play’s message for the audience is to go out and fight for immigration reform for all the 12 million undocumented people who live in the United States.Teatro Jornalero Sin Fronteras /Day Laborers Theater Without Borders (TJSF) is a Los Angeles-based ensemble theater company comprised of day laborers. Founded in 2008 by Cornerstone Theater Company in conjunction with the National Day Labor Organizing Network, their mission is to improve the lives of day laborers by creating plays by and for the day labor community. Responding to an often degrading and hostile work environment and an increasingly anti-immigrant climate nationally, the troupe uses theater, music, and dialogue to educate and inform immigrant workers about their legal rights; to empower the community by reflecting their stories in their own voices; to humanize the immigration debate for the broader community; and to build a troupe of theater artists that make insightful, entertaining and smart theater for their audiences. Each year TJSF performs in over 50 locations for more than 3,000 day laborers, public school and college students, and diverse organizations, institutions, and agencies. They have received coverage in local, national and international media outlets, including La Opinion, LA Times, BBC World, Christian Science Monitor, and National Public Radio.
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