Collection Title: Viveca Vázquez collection
Title: Kan't translate
Alternate Title: Tradúcelo
Alternate Title: Can't translate
Date: 1992 Apr
Location: Performed at the Anfiteatro Julia de Burgos Universidad de Puerto Rico, in April 1992.
Work Type: Performance., Dance., Contemporary dance., Experimental dance.
Viveca Vázquez, choreographer.
Viveca Vázquez, Teresa Hernández, Eduardo Alegría, Alejandra Martorell, Dorcas Román, performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:58:39
Language: Includes Spanish and English.
Synopsis: Video documentation of Puerto Rican experimental dance performance ‘Kan’t Translate – Tradúcelo,’ choreographed by Viveca Vázquez and performed in the University of Puerto Rico. Viveca Vázquez is a choreographer, dancer, and a professor of humanities and contemporary dance for actors at the University of Puerto Rico. She presented her first work with Pisotón, the first experimental dance group of Puerto Rico and, shortly after, Taller de Otra Cosa, of which she became the first director. Through the company she presented her choreographic work and produced events such as ‘Rompeforma’ a key festival in the development of the experimental dance and performance scene in Puerto Rico, which was co-produced with Puerto Rican choreographer based in the U.S. Merian Soto. Since 1984 she has produced and performed experimental dance works in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina, among a great number of other places. As a teacher she has developed a pedagogical model based on body conscience and improvisation.‘Kan’t Translate’ explores the idea of speaking bodies on stage and questions the language that we pretend to ‘understand.’ The second part of the title, ‘Tradúcelo’ (Translate it), addresses the audience, and shows a trusting in the capacity of communication through the language of the body. This piece contrasts harmony and rupture, as well as individual movements and group movements, exploring a different notion of the idea of ‘choreography.’ Also, the continuous alternation between absences and presences on stage dialogues with the video insert that presents a letter to ‘Dear Mr. Governor, Majesty,’ which becomes another kind of ‘presence’ on stage, both made of words and rooted in political power. The last part of this performance explores the language of dance and theatre, and incorporates humor as another form of communication and political satire.
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