Collection Title: Viveca Vázquez collection
Title: Sui-(We)
Alternate Title: Sui-We
Date: 1990 Mar
Location: Performed at Performance Space 122 in New York City, in March 1990.
Work Type: Performance., Dance., Contemporary dance., Experimental dance.
Viveca Vázquez, Sally Silvers, choreographers, sound mix designers ; David Ferri, lighting designer.
Viveca Vázquez, Sally Silvers, performers.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:11:09
Language: Includes Spanish and English.
Synopsis: Video documentation of experimental dance performance ‘Sui-(We),’ created and choreographed by Viveca Vázquez and Sally Silvers, and performed in New York City’s Performance Space 122. Viveca Vázquez is a choreographer, dancer, and a professor of humanities and contemporary dance for actors at the University of Puerto Rico. She presented her first work with Pisotón, the first experimental dance group of Puerto Rico and, shortly after, Taller de Otra Cosa, of which she became the first director. Through the company she presented her choreographic work and produced events such as ‘Rompeforma’ a key festival in the development of the experimental dance and performance scene in Puerto Rico, which was co-produced with Puerto Rican choreographer based in the U.S. Merian Soto. Since 1984 she has produced and performed experimental dance works in the United States, Mexico, Venezuela and Argentina, among a great number of other places. As a teacher she has developed a pedagogical model based on body conscience and improvisation. Sally Silvers is a New York-based choreographer who has performed nationally and internationally in South Korea, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Europe, the American Dance Festival, and many other locations. As an artistic director, Sally Silvers has an on-going fascination with the poetic as well as the social meanings of movement.‘Sui-(We)’ is a collaborative creation that places on stage two feminine bodies struggling with their own corporeality. The piece questions pre-conceptions of what a feminine body is and how it moves, and in doing this it offers a rethinking of gender identities. Both bodies are in contact but disconnected at the same time, functioning as support and impulse to each other; this dialogue and counterpoint is continuous, given that while a body expands, the other contracts. This game between connection and disconnection mirrors a dislocation between movement, sound, and silence. In this manner, the performance presents bodies-in-between, which reassure their existence and their political significance only through a shared corporeality and collaborative movement.
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Contact: Viveca Váquez and Sally Silvers
Viveca Váquez and Sally Silvers