Title: Interview with Diane Glancy
Alternate Title: Diane Glancy
Date: 2007 Dec. 7
Location: Filmed at The Public Theater in New York, NY, on December 7, 2007.
Work Type: Interview.
Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, producer.
Diane Glancy, interviewee ; Sheila Tousey, interviewer.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:02
Language: English
Synopsis: In December of 2007, as part of its Native Theater Festival, the Public Theater brought Native theater professionals from around the U.S. and Canada to New York City for a series of readings and discussions. The five-day festival included play readings, post-performance discussions, concerts, roundtables, and the performance of Darrell Dennis' 'Tales of and Urban Indian.' This video documents an interview with Diane Glancy, conducted by Sheila Tousey as a part of a supplementary Native Theater Festival interview series.Diane Glancy (Cherokee) is a professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, where she has taught Native American Literature and Creative Writing. She received her M.F.A. from the University of Iowa. Glancy has published two books of plays, 'American Gypsy' (University of Oklahoma Press, 2002), and 'War Cries' (Holy Cow! 1998). A group of shorter plays, 'The Sum of Winter,' and an introduction to factional theater appear online at www.alexanderstreet.com. Glancy has also published novels, short stories, essays, and poetry. She received the Native American Prose Award, an American Book Award, a Minnesota Book Award and an Oklahoma Book Award. She was the recipient of a 2003 National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. She was awarded the 2002 Cherokee Medal of Honor and the Thomas Jefferson Teaching Award from Macalester College. Other awards include a 2005 Voice & Visions Summer Theatre Fellowship at Bard College; Many Voices Playwriting Fellowship at The Playwrights' Center, Minneapolis; the Five Civilized Tribes Playwriting Laureate Prize, Muskogee, Oklahoma; and a 1998 Sundance Native American Screenwriting Fellowship. Sheila (Menominee and Stockbridge-Munsee) has acted in many productions in NYC and regional theaters across the U.S. Some of the directors she has worked with include Joann Akalaitis, Joe Chaiken, Linda Chapman, Kennetch Charlette, Liviu Ciulei, David Esbjornson, Hanay Geiogamah (American Indian Dance Theater), Muriel Miguel, Lisa Peterson, Betsy Richards, Sam Shepard, Tony Taccone, Paul Walker and Robert Woodruff. Training: MFA NYU Graduate Acting Program.
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