Collection Title: Hemispheric Institute Encuentro:Corpolíticas / Body politics in the Americas : formations of race, class and gender(6th : 2007 : Buenos Aires, Argentina). , Mapa Teatro : Laboratorio de Artistas collection
Title: Mapa Teatro
Alternate Title: Testigo de las ruinas
Alternate Title: Witness to the ruins
Date: 2007 June 10
Location: Performed at Centro Cultural Recoleta, Buenos Aires, Argentina, on June 10, 2007, as part of the Sixth Annual Hemispheric Institute Seminar entitled Corpolíticas en las Ámericas / Body Politics in the Americas : formations of race, class and gender.
Work Type: Performance., Video performance., Multimedia performance., Documentary theater., Political performance.
Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, producer ; Centro Cultural Recoleta, producer ; Mapa Teatro, creator ; Ximena Vargas, producer, assistant director ; José Ignacio Rincón, producer ; Heidi Abderhalden Cortés, director, dramaturgy ; Rolf Abderhalden Cortés, director, visual design ; Lucas Maldonado, production assistant, video footage, tech design, editor ; Orlando Pérez, production assistant ; Carlos Benavides Champi, Felipe López, sound design ; Yesid Vásquez Minga, additional sound ; Carlos Ángel, Natasha Iartorvska, archival footage ; Rolando Vargas, Luis Antonio Delgado, tech design, editors ; Fernando Cruz, photography ; José Ignacio Rincón, set & lighting ; Juan Carlos Vallejo, consultant ; Abeyamí Ortega, videographer.
Juana María Ramírez, live testimony ; Former residents of Santa Inés - El Cartucho (Luis Carlos Arango, Jairo Alfredo Cárdenas, Daniel Carpintero, Johrnell Carpintero, Carlos Alberto Carrillo, Jorge Enrique Gaitán, Giovanni García, Clara Emilia González, Édison López, Hilda Zoraida López, Claudia Moreno, Luz Ángela Moreno, Margarita Palacio, Luis Ernesto Pardo, Camilo Rengifo Tangarife, Sandra Milena Tangarife), video participation.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:08:10
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: Video documentation of Mapa Teatro's performance 'Testigo de las Ruinas' ('Witness to the Ruins'), presented as a part of the 6th Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, celebrated in June of 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina under the title 'CORPOLÍTICAS en las Ámericas: Formaciones de Raza, Clase y Género / Body Politics in the Americas: Formations of Race, Class and Gender.' Mapa Teatro Laboratorio de Artistas ( is a Colombian group that, by documenting the process of disappearance of a neighborhood, seeks to make visible molecular places where residues of otherness remain, traces of that which has been lost, narrations that reconfigure the neighborhood's memory. 'Testigo de las Ruinas' synthesizes, in a non-chronological or linear way, Mapa Teatro's experience during the process of disappearance of a place, and the appearance of a non-place. Mapa Teatro reiterates its interest in inscribing, to the end, its experience as a 'witness' through an artistic 'gesture.'
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