Collection Title: El Teatro Campesino collection
Title: Corridos
Alternate Title: Tales of passion and revolution
Date: 1987 Apr. 1
Location: Recorded at KQED studios, San Francisco, CA, on Apr. 1, 1987.
Janis Blackschleger, producer ; Luis Valdez, director, writer ; José Delgado, associate producer ; Tony Curiel, assistant director ; Daniel Valdez, music production & adaptation ; George Riesenberger, lighting director ; Ken Short, art director ; Diane Rodriguez, costume designer ; Miguel Delgado, choreographer ; Stuart Chapman, scenic artist ; David Silva, assistant music director ; Greg Malley, Kate Connell, scenic properties ; Sunset Sound, music recording ; Tech'nique, Scenic Designs, set construction.
Clancy Brown, Felipe Cantu, Evelyn Cisneros, Miguel Delgado, George Galvan, Lettie Ibarra, Linda Lopez, Rogelio Lopez, Sal Lopez, Alma Martinez, Irma Rangel, Linda Ronstadt, Daniel Valdez, Lakin Valdez, Luis Valdez, Robert Vega, Raul Flores, Larry Hernandez, Richard Montoya, Robert Ojeda, Felipe Rodriguez, Angel Uribe, J. 'Bea' Brown, José Burciaga, Carmen Carillo, Yvonne Cervantes, Barbara Curiel, José Delgado, Phil Esparza, Andres Gutierrez, Lino Ibarra, Barbara Jitner, Urbanie Lucero, Marisa Leal, Bob Morales, Henry Moreno, Luis Moreno, Rosa Moreno, Licha Muñoz, June Ouellette, Olga M. Perez, Rojelio Perez, Jaco Rodriguez, Anahuac Valdez, Kinan Valdez, Lupe Valdez.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:58:38
Language: In English and Spanish.
Synopsis: Corridos: Tales of Passion and Revolution, nationally broadcast on PBS and the winner of the George Peabody for excellence in Television in 1987, was the final result of the El Teatro Campesino's stage production of the same name. The piece began as a five week workshop in ETC's San Juan Bautista playhouse in the summer of 1982, exploring the stories and narrative lyrics of Mexican popular ballads or corridos. The workshop production was an instant popular success with audiences and critics. ETC decided to stage a new production of Corridos at the Marines Memorial Theater in San Francisco, where it ran for three months to great reviews and eleven Bay Area Critics Awards. Other stagings followed in 1984. Corridos finally evolved into a full-fledged video production in 1987, after several drafts of the script that not only reworked the selection of ballads, but also condensed the material to fit into the confines of a one-hour special. The production presents two full-length corridos: Delgadina (a haunting parable of incest in a wealthy Mexican family), and Soldadera (based on the dispatches of American journalist John Reed, in which the compelling story of Elizabeta is framed by three songs of women during the 1910 Mexican Revolution). Highlights from other traditional corridos are connected by engaging narrative sequences: Yo soy El Corrido (the story of the corrido itself), Rosita Alvirez (a comedic parable of a defiant young woman who meets an early death), and El Lavaplatos (the story of an immigrant who dreams of becoming a movie star and ends up a dishwasher). Joining members of the original cast, the production included popular songstress Linda Ronstadt, singer/actor Daniel Valdez, San Francisco Ballet artist Evelyn Cisneros, and actor Clancy Brown.
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