Collection Title: Yuyachkani collection
Title: Primera cena
Alternate Title: First supper
Date: 1996 Nov. 22
Location: Performed at Casa Yuyachkani, Lima, Peru, on Nov. 22, 1996.
Work Type: Performance., Theater.
Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani, producer ; Teresa Ralli, director.
Ana Correa, Rebeca Ralli, Lucia Lora.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:09:36
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: This play, directed by Teresa Ralli and created in collaboration with Ana Correa, Rebecca Ralli and Lucia Lora in 1996, explores the interplay between women's subjective realm and the social sphere, in the line of the broader ongoing investigation on women's issues developed by the female members of the Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani. Three friends meet up to cook and share a supper on the last day of the last year of the XXth century, honoring a pact made twenty years before. Only two of the original three friends arrive (the third, a militant worker for human rights, has been murdered); in her place, her daughter (played by Lucia Lora) arrives to honor the pact made by her mother. All three women are in different stages in their lives. The first character (played by Ana Correa) was the top of her class in High School but, upon graduation, she quickly married and had five kids who are her entire life now.The second character (played by Rebecca Ralli) realized her High School dreams by becoming an artist, but stopped painting when she entered into a bad marriage ten years after graduation. The third character, the daughter of the third friend, is resentful because, although her mother had time for the rights of other children, she feels that she never had time for her. The three women revisit their lives and the moments they feel that changed the course of their destiny. They decide that this will be the first supper ('la primera cena') of their new lives. In the middle of dinner, the 'Goddess of the Kitchen' appears (in this play, the kitchen functions as a metaphor for life); the characters revalue the knowledge and wisdom of women (in the context of the space of the kitchen), ultimately inviting the audience to share their first supper with them by eating the soup they were actually cooking on stage.Peru's most important theater collective, Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani ( has been working since 1971 at the forefront of theatrical experimentation, political performance, and collective creation. 'Yuyachkani' is a Quechua word that means 'I am thinking, I am remembering'; under this name, the theater group has devoted itself to the collective exploration of embodied social memory, particularly in relation to questions of ethnicity, violence, and memory in Peru. The group is comprised of seven actors (Augusto Casafranca, Amiel Cayo, Ana Correa, Débora Correa, Rebeca Ralli, Teresa Ralli, and Julián Vargas), a technical designer (Fidel Melquíades), and an artistic director (Miguel Rubio), who have made a commitment to collective creation as a mode of theatrical production and to group theater as a life style.Their work has been among the most important in Latin America's so called 'New Popular Theater,' with a strong commitment to grass-roots community issues, mobilization, and advocacy. Yuyachkani won Peru's National Human Rights Award in 2000. Known for its creative embrace of both indigenous performance forms as well as cosmopolitan theatrical forms, Yuyachkani offers insight into Peruvian and Latin American theater, and to broader issues of postcolonial social aesthetics.
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