Collection Title: Rosa Luisa Márquez and theater collaborators
Title: Si el grano no muere-- If a grain does not die--
Alternate Title: If a grain does not die
Alternate Title: If a grain does not die (a foodish tail) Si el grano no muere (o, no coma cuento) ; (a multicultural, multilingual production)
Date: 1992
Location: Filmed at the MIT Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in 1992.
Work Type: Performance., Theater., Bilingual theater., Experimental theater., Collective creation., Community theater.
MIT Office of the Arts, producer ; Rosa Luisa Márquez, producer, director ; Antonio Martorell, director ; staged at the MIT Museum ; Joaquín Font, videographer ; Miguel Villafañe, photographer ; Moms Kitchen (Mom & Mark), 'World Stew' chefs ; Julia Soyer, Julie Landholt, ushers ; Rosa Luisa Márquez, Antonio Martorell, Maureen Costello, introducers ; space transformed by the cast.
Flavia Back, Elien Cabara, Santos Cabrera, Yanahira Cabrera, Dilia Díaz, Evaristo González, Antonieta Gimeno, Joaquín Font, Monica Gupta, Roger Huang, Marcelo Juica, Jonathan Lee, Marlén Lugo, Luis Meléndez, Yolanda Meléndez, Mirna Merced, Bronwyn Mills, Jean Minuchin, Larry Murrill, José Palacios, Reginald Parker, Sonia Tena, Laurie Prendergast, Carlos Vega-Soto, Jorge Arce (musician), Héctor Cancel (musician).
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:31:35
Language: In Spanish, English, and Spanglish.
Synopsis: Dress rehearsal for the performance "Si el grano no muere..." directed by Rosa Luisa Márquez and Antonio Martorell in the context of their 10-day residency at MIT in 1992. Involving MIT students, high school students and members of the Latino communities in Boston and Cambridge, and featuring metaphorical references to "grains", with sets made of corn tortilla, bread, pasta, rice, and other disposable materials, the performance addresses issues of food and shelter that are of social and political concern to the community. The resulting multicultural, multilingual performance involves the audience in a "cultural pot luck", a communal "voyage of discovery". Rosa Luisa Márquez ( is a Puerto Rican theater artist and pedagogue. She holds a master's degree from New York University and a Doctorate from Michigan State University; she specializes in contemporary theater. Rosa Luisa started her teaching career at the Theater department of the University of Puerto Rico in 1978. She developed the current curriculum of Drama Activities, which she teaches in her workshops at schools, prisons, rehab centers, womens shelters, nursing homes and community centers. Her directing projects include "Romeo(s) y Julieta(s)", "Historias para ser Contadas", "La Leyenda del Cemí", "Procesión", "Waiting for Godot", "Jardín de Pulpos", "Absurdos en Soledad", "El León y la Joya", among others. Published books include "Brincos y saltos: el juego como disciplina teatral" and "Historias para ser contadas, montaje de Rosa Luisa Márquez". She is a member of the board of directors and pedagogical team for the EITALC's International School of Latin American and Caribbean Theater. Ongoing artistic collaborators include Gilda Navarra and Antonio Martorell (Puerto Rico), Grupo Malayerba (Ecuador), Grupo Yuyachkani (Peru), Peter Shumann (Bread & Puppet Theater, U.S.A.) and Augusto Boal (Theater of the Oppressed, Brazil).
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