Collection Title: Teatros de Colombia, 1999 collection
Title: Interview with Vicky Hernández
Alternate Title: Vicky Hernández
Date: 1999 Aug. 21
Location: Interviewed in Bogota, Colombia, on Aug. 21, 1999.
Work Type: Interview.
Alma Martinez, producer, creator, videographer.
Vicky Hernández, interviewee ; Alma Martinez, interviewer.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:57:39
Language: In Spanish, with introductory remarks in English.
Synopsis: Interview with Colombian actress Vicky Hernández, conducted by Chicano theater scholar Alma Martinez. In this interview, Hernández narrates her experiences as a theater actress with renowned theater ensembles such as La Candelaria, Teatro Experimental de Cali (TEC), Teatro Popular de Bogotá (TPB), and the Teatro Nacional, as well as her trajectory as an actress for TV and film. In the light of the political climate and economic crisis of late 20th-century Colombia, the artist poses a commentary on how cultural policies are played out in Colombian theater, TV, and cinema industries. Comparing and contrasting the different aspects and techniques of acting in these realms, Vicky discusses the importance of the actor's training and education, stressing it as an urgent need to strengthen the artistic métier in her country.
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