Collection Title: Teatros de Colombia, 1999 collection
Title: Interview with Patricia Ariza
Alternate Title: Interview with Patricia Ariza (Teatro La Candelaria)
Alternate Title: Patricia Ariza
Date: 1999 Aug. 7
Location: Interviewed in Bogota, Colombia, on Aug. 7, 1999.
Work Type: Interview.
Alma Martinez, producer, creator, videographer.
Patricia Ariza, interviewee ; Alma Martinez, interviewer.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 01:00:36
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: Interview with Patricia Ariza, theater director, playwright and founder of renowned Colombian theater ensemble Teatro La Candelaria (, conducted by Chicano theater scholar Alma Martinez. 'Creación colectiva' (collective creation), political theater, feminism, and current Colombian sociopolitical and cultural issues are some of the topics covered by Ariza. The artist talks about her role in the creation and trajectory of La Candelaria as well as the joint effort of this ensemble and the Teatro Experimental de Cali (TEC) to create the Corporación Colombiana de Teatro as a mechanism to facilitate a theoretical and practical forum for the discussion, organization, and support of Colombian theater. Furthermore, Patricia comments on her activist and artistic work with marginalized sectors of the Colombian population (women, indigenous people, immigrants, prisoners, etc.), developing interdisciplinary artistic projects designed to empower these communities, exploring the possibilities of collective creation in order to elicit social change. Ariza also discusses the cultural ties and political affinities between Latin American and Latino theaters in the light of shared hemispheric issues like drug traffic, guerrilla warfare, political corruption, immigration, and globalization.
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