Collection Title: Susana Cook collection
Title: The values horror show
Date: 2005 July
Location: Performed at Dixon Place, New York City, in July 2005.
Work Type: Performance., Theater., Political performance., Queer/Gay/Lesbian performance., Feminist performance.
Susana Cook, producer, writer, director ; Dixon Place, producer ; Lucy Mackinnon, video artist ; Julian Mesri, sound design.
Susana Cook, Simba Yangala, Mistah, Lucy Mackinnon, Soraya Odishoo, Sandra Garcia, Migdalia Jimenez.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:49:36
Language: English
Synopsis: Susana Cook ( is a New York-based Argentinean theater and performance artist. Mainly directed to queer and Latino communities in New York City, Cook's work also encompasses a heated response to broader State policies that oppress communities defined in the intersection of race, gender, and class. In her shows, Cook parodies discourses of power, drawing attention to the close ties between the state, religious and political conservatism, and the military. Cook's plays usually feature all-women casts that defy the normative performance of gender, race, and sexuality. 'The Values Horror Show' was written as a response to the 2004 US election campaign ran by the Neo-conservatist agenda that claimed to protect 'family values' and 'the sanctity of marriage'. While proclaiming themselves as defenders of traditional values in America, the Neo-conservatists did not intervene in matters of murder, war, poverty, and genocide that came along. The show starts with a war. Two armies are fighting for God and they have similar prophets and commandments. It is confusing who is fighting in what army. During the show, the soldiers become the workers who end up confronting Lady Incorporated, a character that represents capitalism. Throughout the play, Cook interweaves American traditional values with the current policies against ethnic minorities other marginalized sectors of American society.
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