Collection Title: Susana Cook collection
Title: The fraud
Date: 2001 July
Location: Performed at WOW Café Theatre, New York City, in July 2001.
Work Type: Performance., Theater., Political performance., Queer/Gay/Lesbian performance.
Susana Cook, producer, director, writer, set design ; Julian Mesri, videographer, original score.
Susana Cook, Mistah, Migdalia Jimenez, Alison Duncan, Imani Henry, Nora, Saira.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:41:30
Language: English
Synopsis: Susana Cook ( is a New York-based Argentinean theater and performance artist. Mainly directed to queer and Latino communities in New York City, Cook's work also encompasses a heated response to broader State policies that oppress communities defined in the intersection of race, gender, and class. In her shows, Cook parodies discourses of power, drawing attention to the close ties between the state, religious and political conservatism, and the military. Cook's plays usually feature all-women casts that defy the normative performance of gender, race, and sexuality. 'The Fraud' was performed after the 2000 controversial elections in the United States. The play addresses the rights that were lost under the Bush administration, when most of the social services were cut off and the poor and marginalized lost the basic support that kept them alive. In the play, the characters experience feelings of loss and confusion. They end up not knowing if they ever had what they think they have lost. The audience is invited to put 25 cents, and a black woman will die, right there, in front of them. During the rest of the scenes, the characters experience apathy, fear, and desperation while dealing with all the dead bodies around them. In the last scene, they 'represent' the people from Third-World countries; the ones who were not called to vote, but that will be affected by the measures enforced by the president of the United States. Because US policies will affect their lives deeply, they claim their right to vote.
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