Collection Title: Mapa Teatro : Laboratorio de Artistas collection
Title: Re-corridos
Alternate Title: Re-corridos
Alternate Title: Cúndua
Date: 2003 Dec
Location: Performed in Bogotá, Colombia, in December 2003.
Work Type: Performance., Interactive installation., Political performance.
Mapa Teatro, Cúndua, producers ; José Igancio [sic] Rincón, producer ; Rolf Abderhalden, artistic director ; Heidi Abderhalden, director ; Daniel Vargas, executive director ; Rolando Vargas, video, editor ; Catherinne Cely, editor ; Omar Gutiérrez, videographer.
Diana Triana, artist ; Martha Patricia Niño, artist ; Juan Carlos Dávila, artist ; Rolando Vargas, artist ; Catherinne Cely, artist ; Boris Terán, artist ; Diego Benavides, artist ; Lucas Maldonado, artist ; Javier Navarro, artist ; Germán Garzón, artist ; Nicolás Rico, anthropologist ; German Piffano, anthropologist ; Juan Carlos Vallejo, architect ; Enrique Afonso, photography ; Mauricio Esguerra, photography ; Carlos Benavides, composer ; Carlos Benavides, sound engineer ; Juan Pablo Pedraza, student ; Ana María Guio, student ; Lina María Sánchez, student ; Alejandra Millán, student ; José Ignacio Forero, staging ; Alirio García, staging ; Hector Guerrero, staging ; Diego Alberto Olarte, staging ; Giovanni García, staging ; Andrés Pedraza, staging ; Lorenzo Aguillón, staging ; Javier Estupiñan, staging ; Fabian Fonseca, staging ; Freddy Gutierrez, staging.
Run-time (hh:mm:ss): 00:10:53
Language: In Spanish.
Synopsis: Mapa Teatro's installation project, 'Re-corridos,' memorializes the demolition of an urban neighborhood known as Santa Inés-El Cartucho in Bogotá, Colombia. Staged in a rustic, colonial home typical of the neighborhood, the installation was visited by more than 6,000 spectators during the last phase of demolition in the first half of December 2003. Based on testimony of former inhabitants, Mapa Teatro attempts to reconstruct traces of life in found objects, photographs, sound and audio-visual display as a refuge for these fragments of memory.The installation consists of 12 physical spaces that correspond to niches of memory of El Cartucho: 'El Testigo' (object); 'El campanero' (interactive sound); 'El escombro' (video sound installation); 'Los pasos' (photographic projection); 'El Carro / La báscula' (interactive installation); 'La botella' (interactive object); 'La casa' (video projection); 'La habitación' (video-sound installation); 'La piel' (sound installation); 'El fósforo' (photo installation); 'El resto' (installation); 'La voz' (sound installation). One of the foremost artistic companies in Colombia, Mapa Teatro ( has been producing theater, performance and art installation projects since 1984. Founders and directors, Rolf and Heidi Abderhalden have created a wide ranging repertoire of theater, opera, mixed-media performance, and site-specific installation.Their work proposes richly textured visual metaphors in which they consider often complex psychological, social and political relationships. Committed to experimentation, and less interested in the actor as an 'agent of fiction,' they describe their project as 'a laboratory of social imagination,' that offers a space for presenting community issues and human concerns in media and performance. This combination of real-life situations and sites along with highly stylized aesthetic staging produces a tension between real action and (re)presentation. Mapa Teatro draws from live events captured on video such as the demolition of a neighborhood in Bogotá, ritual practice, and texts that explore the relationship of postmodern subjects, myth and metaphor. Mapa Teatro has performed by commissions, festivals and collaborative projects world-wide.
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Copyright Holder: Mapa Teatro Laboratorio de Artistas
Contact: Rolf and Heidi Abderhalden
Rolf and Heidi Abderhalden
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