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Alt Title(s): New war, new war
Location: Performed in Lima, Peru, on July 7, 2002, as part of the Third Annual Hemispheric Institute Seminar entitled Globalization, Migration and the Public Sphere.
Synopsis: Video documentation of Jesusa Rodríguez, Liliana Felipe and Regina Orozcos New War, New War presented as part of the 3rd Encuentro of the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, celebrated in July of 2002 in Lima, Peru under the title Globalization, Migration and the Public Sphere. In this farcical, multimedia political cabaret/musical theater production, Rodríguez, Felipe and Orozco a...
Alt Title(s): To kill or not to kill, Matar o no matar (espectáculo porno-militar)
Location: Performed at Teatro Bar El Hábito, Mexico City, Mexico, in Oct. 2002.
Synopsis: 'To kill, or not to kill? That is the question.' This farcical cabaret performance, featuring Susana Zabaleta and Regina Orozco, poses the 'question' of violence in the context of current Mexican urban society. In a sort of film noir ambiance, the detective/cheerleader characters mix bel canto, circus music, marches, flamenco, rancheras, and pop ballads (musical score by Liliana Felipe) to connec...
Location: Performed at the Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City on Oct. 29, 1987.
Synopsis: 'Donna Giovanni', Jesusa Rodríguez's adaptation for the theater of Mozart and Da Ponte's opera 'Don Giovanni', is a renowned feminist rendition of the classic by Mexican theater company Divas A.C. Directed by Rodríguez and with musical direction by Alberto Cruzprieto, the play successfully toured Latin America, the United States and Europe, receiving much critical acclaim. 'Donna Giovanni' master...